Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                        P. Resnick
Request for Comments: 7100                   Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
BCP: 9                                                     December 2013
Obsoletes: 5000
Updates: 2026
Category: Best Current Practice
ISSN: 2070-1721
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                        P. Resnick
Request for Comments: 7100                   Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
BCP: 9                                                     December 2013
Obsoletes: 5000
Updates: 2026
Category: Best Current Practice
ISSN: 2070-1721

Retirement of the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" Summary Document




This document updates RFC 2026 to no longer use STD 1 as a summary of "Internet Official Protocol Standards". It obsoletes RFC 5000 and requests the IESG to move RFC 5000 (and therefore STD 1) to Historic status.

本文件更新了RFC 2026,不再使用STD 1作为“互联网官方协议标准”的总结。它淘汰RFC 5000,并要求IESG将RFC 5000(因此STD 1)移至历史状态。

Status of This Memo


This memo documents an Internet Best Current Practice.


This document is a product of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It has been approved for publication by the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG). Further information on BCPs is available in Section 2 of RFC 5741.

本文件是互联网工程任务组(IETF)的产品。互联网工程指导小组(IESG)已批准将其出版。有关BCP的更多信息,请参见RFC 5741第2节。

Information about the current status of this document, any errata, and how to provide feedback on it may be obtained at


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1. Retiring STD 1
1. 退休标准1

RFC 2026 [RFC2026] and its predecessors call for the publication of an RFC describing the status of IETF protocols:

RFC 2026[RFC2026]及其前身要求发布描述IETF协议状态的RFC:

The RFC Editor shall publish periodically an "Internet Official Protocol Standards" RFC [1], summarizing the status of all Internet protocol and service specifications.


The "Internet Official Protocol Standards" document, now as RFC 5000 [RFC5000], has always been listed in the Internet Standard series as STD 1. However, the document has not been kept up to date in recent years, and it has fallen out of use in favor of the online list produced by the RFC Editor [STDS-TRK]. The IETF no longer sees the need for the document to be maintained. Therefore, this document updates RFC 2026 [RFC2026], effectively removing the above-mentioned paragraph from Section 6.1.3, along with the paragraph from Section 2.1 that states:

“互联网官方协议标准”文件,现为RFC 5000[RFC5000],一直作为STD 1列入互联网标准系列。然而,该文件近年来一直没有更新,它已经不再使用,取而代之的是RFC编辑[STDS-TRK]制作的在线列表。IETF不再认为需要维护文档。因此,本文件更新了RFC 2026[RFC2026],有效地删除了第6.1.3节中的上述段落,以及第2.1节中的段落,其中规定:

The status of Internet protocol and service specifications is summarized periodically in an RFC entitled "Internet Official Protocol Standards" [1]. This RFC shows the level of maturity and other helpful information for each Internet protocol or service specification (see section 3).


and the paragraph from Section 3.3 that states:


The "Official Protocol Standards" RFC (STD1) lists a general requirement level for each TS, using the nomenclature defined in this section. This RFC is updated periodically. In many cases, more detailed descriptions of the requirement levels of particular protocols and of individual features of the protocols will be found in appropriate ASs.


Additionally, this document obsoletes RFC 5000 [RFC5000], the current incarnation of that document, and requests that the IESG move that document (and therefore STD 1) to Historic status.

此外,本文件淘汰了RFC 5000[RFC5000],即该文件的当前版本,并要求IESG将该文件(因此STD 1)移至历史状态。

Finally, RFC 2026 [RFC2026] Section 6.1.3 also calls for the publication of an "official summary of standards actions completed and pending" in the Internet Society's newsletter. This has also not been done in recent years, and the "publication of record" for standards actions has for some time been the minutes of the IESG [IESG-MINUTES]. Therefore, that paragraph is also effectively removed from Section 6.1.3.

最后,RFC 2026[RFC2026]第6.1.3节还要求在互联网协会的时事通讯中发布“已完成和待定标准行动的官方摘要”。近年来也没有这样做,一段时间以来,标准行动的“记录发布”一直是IESG的会议记录[IESG-minutes]。因此,该段也从第6.1.3节中有效删除。

2. Security Considerations
2. 安全考虑

This document does not impact the security of the Internet.


3. Normative References
3. 规范性引用文件

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[IESG-MINUTES]互联网工程指导小组,“IESG Telechat MINUTES”<>.

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